Why are you doing this?

Because we want to create an open, freely accessible database of bathymetry. We don't take your data and lock them away, we make everything as open as possible.

How do I credit or cite the data I get from bathybase?

If you use a single dataset from a single source, please credit the data source as listed. If you use all or a large portion of the database, please cite "bathybase.org".

Is the bathybase database subject to copyright?

While data themselves are not subject to copyright, under US law (the country in which this site is hosted), creatively selected and assembled databases may be subject to copyright. We do not view bathybase as a creative arrangement of data and thus reserve no rights. The data are made freely available as-is with absolutely no guarantees as to their accuracy.

Can I download the entire database as a whole?

Yes! Offering that ability was one of our key goals from the beginning. Please see the data page.

How accurate are the data?

We have no idea. While we do our best, the data are provided as-is and come from a many different sources around the world. We encourage you to do your own validation for any critical analyses.

What do I do if I find an error in the data?

We want to hear from you! Send us an email at data@bathybase.org